Fiji Mahogany Sustainably Harvested Lumber

Mahogany is history’s oldest custom project wood due to its straight grain, availability, and workability. True Mahogany is ideal for most any custom wood project, combining workability and stability with light weight, and can be carved to give fine detail. It is a timeless, elegant wood - the color of its heartwood ranges from pinkish to pale brown, with reddish brown streaks, with a light pink to yellow brown sapwood. Its natural color becomes richer with age, darkening from a light orange brown when fresh cut, to a deep mahogany color as it ages.


Fiji Mahogany is certified plantation wood sustainably harvested for future forest regrowth and natural regeneration. Fiji Mahogany is prized by custom furniture makers because it is easy to work with, using either hand or machine tools, resists rot well and takes polish and stain easily. Our Fiji Mahogany comes in various grades and is available in many sizes and thicknesses. Even the most discriminating woodworking professional, will find Fiji Mahogany to be a gorgeous, durable, quality wood that exceeds expectations.


For almost 25 years, Wood Products International has been leading the way in modern, eco friendly lumber and farming techniques, offering  responsible wood products like Fiji Mahogany, as a wholesaler to distributors worldwide.

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