Why Choose Fiji Mahogany?


• Ideal for either machine or hand tools

•Easy to work with using either machine or hand tools

•Can be machined to an excellent finish and polishes well

•Well suited for specialty products

•Has good nailing and screwing properties

•Can be glued and stained effectively

•Produces a good veneer


• Furniture: Tables, chairs, custom made pieces, cabinet work

• Specialty: Decorative turnery, carving, musical instruments, toys, fancy veneer

• Interior: Paneling, joinery, trim, decorative moldings

• Construction: Furniture, planking, boatbuilding, flooring (decorative, parquet)


• Highly decorative timber that comes in several faces including elegant uniform grains, and rustic knottier grains

• Straight and evenly textured grain

• Can be pinkish to a reddish brown and yellow to orange-brown

• Darkens with time and when exposed to light

• Accents and defines any space, whether it’s residential or commercial, modern or rustic


• Lower initial investment for project materials vs the more common species of Mahogany

• Compared to other materials like steel, concrete and synthetics, natural wood offers the value of strength and durability with a lower overall cost

Highly resistant to wood rot


• Renewable lumber resource that can also be reused, unlike many other materials

• Harvested from non-endangered, sustainable growth forests which results in minimal environmental impact

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